Nani’s Story


Nani is an extremely joyful 8 year old. He just beams of personality and almost never stops smiling. He likes school and loves playing games like cricket and volleyball with the other boys in the Home of Hope in Comibatore, India. What I didn’t know about Nani is that 3 short years ago, both of his parents were killed. His grandmother took him in, but because of her own poverty she could not afford to feed him. What she did next changed his life forever.


“I lost my father very early. I don’t have many memories of him. But I loved my mother very much. She was all I had. She died in an accident when I was 5 years old. It was all so fast and I was filled with sorrow. I ended up living with my grandmother for awhile, but she was really poor and couldn’t afford to send me to school or buy food for the both of us everyday. She had heard of the Home of Hope and discovered the found was preaching a crusade a few hours from where we lived. She brought me there and took me to the front by the stage and she told me to stay there. She told me to talk to the man on stage when he was finished preaching. She left me there by the stage. I was welcomed by Brother Harry Gomes and the Home of Hope with open arms. My life is so much different. I get to go to school. I get new clothes and 3 meals a day! I can be anything I want to be with my education. I have found comfort in my new family and I thank God in prayer everyday for them every day.”


It’s truly amazing. At 5 years old losing both parents and going from a home where food was scarce to being given food, clothing, shelter, and brothers to share that with. God is working through More Than An Orphan and Home of Hope to raise a generation of missionaries, business leaders, politicians, and philanthropists on fire for God. You can be a part of that. You can help create a new identity for Children like Nani. An identity that says “You can be anything you want to be. You are not bound by poverty or status.” Help us change a life and change the world.