Support a Child and Change Lives Today


Share your blessings today and support a child. Find the motivation to do something larger than yourself today.

Have you ever thought of doing something great for others like maybe support a child? In the country and in many other places in the world, so many children and orphans have it bad.  Extreme poverty, wars, abuse and many more dangers are bad for anybody but can you imagine the effects of these things to children? They are just kids, they can’t protect themselves!

However, the problem is that many people know this is happening but there are not too many people who are willing to support a child and make a difference. They are too caught up in their own lives to reach out or even be aware of what these children are going through. It is truly a sad thing because the little that you can give today will mean so much to these kids. It is actually very surprising to know how much impact the little that you can share to support a child can make.

It all starts with a decision. Now that you know there is too much neglect going on, you have to find the motivation in your heart to support a child. Think about it this way: for lunch today, you will have a choice of what to eat, where to eat, and even how much to eat. For many children all around the globe, for lunch today all they can do is wish they have lunch! A lot go hungry and those that are able to get some form of food get it through minimal subsistence, too far from a decent meal!

When you put it this way, can’t you see how fortunate you are? You have so much and most days, you waste too much too. It doesn’t even end with food. For most orphans, they lack all of the basic necessities like clothing, shelter, water, medications and more. You have enough and even too much of these. What is stopping you to support a child today? It is not like you have to deprive yourself just to reach out to them. You just have to share a little or share what you can and you know it will the world to others.

For sure, it is very easy to only think of yourself. Why would you support a child when you have to look out for yourself? Why would you support a child when the government can do it? Why would you support a child when the child is halfway around the world? Why would you support a child if you are not a millionaire like the philanthropists that you hear on the news or read online?

The thing is nobody is too little to share. Open your eyes and you will see how much you have and how little others have and that will be enough reason to support a child today. Everything that you neglect is a dream for them. These neglected children have basic necessities as luxuries simply because they do not have access to it and your very little help will change the world for them. They are not asking for much from you but the simplest and littlest things from you will have such a huge impact on them.

If you find yourself blessed, the best thing that you can do with that blessing is to share it. It does not have to be too much but what you can give will mean a lot. Support a child today and make the world a better place. It does not have to be a grand gesture to begin with but remember that when you support a child you change lives.